Marketing Matters

Email Marketing | Internet Marketing | SEO MarketingThe Fundamentals of Crisscross Marketing™

Every business has its habits, policies, rules, regulations, procedures and laws. Of course, these rules or laws of a business are meant to make a business better, more efficient, uniformly consistent and profitable. Essentially, the Businesses' Rules of Law defines the business and the business cannot survive without sufficient recognition or funding of the rules.

  • Promote your brand name on all of your assets, products and services.
  • Identify and focus on your best prospects.
  • Acquire an accurate and up-to-date database list of your targeted prospects.
  • Create a unique Internet web presence for your major products brands.
  • Create targeted messages about your products that have the most potential.
  • Develop a consistent and repetitive delivery of your messages.
  • Offer a reward or induce your prospects to respond.
  • Expertly track and measure your actions and your results.
  • Use a unique, although recyclable, toll-free 800 number for each and every form of advertisement, website, ball-cap, T-Shirt, direct mail campaign, radio spot, cable TV message, or anything else.
  • Qualify your respondents through an Internet web portal and collect your respondents name, business, address, phone number and email address.
  • Carefully maintain your database of respondent prospects.
  • Send "Thank You" messages the prospects that respond and offer a reward for a referral.
  • Never, never, never forget your customers. They are prospects too!
  • Repeat "all the above" for your customers.
  • Focus your marketing and make Marketing one of your Business Rules of Law.