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Email Marketing is has a simple and universal requirement, which is “Get the email address owner’s permission before you send a solicitation.”

We all know what SPAM looks like and often times the definition of SPAM in the moment is an Email that we are not interested in reading from known or an unknown sender (person or entity). Always get permission (opt-in) to use someone's email address.

Most people understand why Email Marketing is so popular when compared to traditional Direct Mail Marketing. Here are few reasons:

  1. Email Marketing is very green, meaning it does not involve a tree or almost any paper products that get dumped into our landfills.
  2. Email Marketing tends to be significantly more economical than Direct Mail Marketing and many other forms of print advertising.
  3. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) regularly ranks email top for return on investment (ROI) among direct marketing tactics.
  4. Email Marketing can easily be targeted and personalized, marketers can persuade their customer base to purchase with special offers and value-added services specific to an individual.
  5. Email Marketing allows any size entity to provide the personal touch and customer service to sustain business. And regular contact with customers and clients through email newsletters or Compiled Information Message (CIM) and campaigns has much to offer there.
  6. Email Marketing can be easily managed through low cost Contact Management or Client Management Software. Allows there Internet hosted solutions have evolved and are very cost effective.
  7. Email Marketing success or failure is easily recognizable without extensive analysis.
  8. Email Marketing is a very flexible method of advertising, which can help any entity become more agile as an advertiser.
  9. Email Marketing can be done in steps or staggered by delivery dates and other database sorting criteria.
  10. Email Marketing provides an easy and low cost way of developing and testing multiple campaign messages for effectiveness.

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